Monday, 5 November 2012

Chocolate Cupcake Recipe.

The Real Felice Fawn: Lauren Cook.

This creeped me out the photos of her when she was a teenager and how society can completely change the way she is.
With all that 'thinspo' everywhere and modelling.
But I hope she recovers and gets help.

Felice Fawn Inspiration.

I love Felice Fawn, she's effortlessly beautiful.
Everything about her is perfect.
I also respect her so much, she's caring and honest.
When someone hates on her, she knows how to break up the situation.. She makes a video about it or writes about it on Tumblr.
She likes to have fun and live life no matter what
She either goes out with her friends and get drunk and smoke but theres nothing wrong with that.
What really inspires me about her is her nu goth style
Black hair, perfect eyebrows, eyes, petite beautiful figure and she makes the colour 'Black' have more emotion in her pictures, it like tells a story somehow.